* The Two Week Rule *

The two week rule is that on any purchase of a non-essential item (think when you're window shopping or on Ozbargain) and you see something that looks amazing and you *must* have it, instead of clicking the buy it now button give yourself two weeks, if you still want the item in two weeks then go ahead and buy it but you'll be surprised at how many times you simply forget about the thing and move on with your life.

* Change Your Search Engine *

Change your search engine to Ecosia: The search engine that plants trees.

Simple premise, when you use Google and see ads at the top of your search results money goes to Google from those companies for advertising with them, if instead you search with Ecosia the ad money goes to them to which they spend 70% of that money on planting trees. (They are also not just carbon neutral but super climate positive!)

* Enable Green Power / Change to a Green Power Electricity Provider *

If you use the Energy Made Easy website be sure to filter by plans offering Greenpower:

It will ensure your power is coming from renewable sources and invest in them, this is by far the easiest way to support renewables.

* Buy a Subscription to Ecologi *

Ecologi* is like having your own personal carbon offset.

It takes the subscription money and uses it to plant trees and invest in projects that reduce or remove carbon.

You can see the projects they invest in here and a map of where they are having an impact and planting tree here

They work out how much carbon is emitted depending on which country you are from, unfortunately in Australia we are very high emitters:

*Clicking on the link gets me 30 trees in my virtual forest, I gain nothing monetary from the link.

* Solar Panels (+ Battery) *

Social Energy have the highest payout by far:

Where other energy providers typically pay 10c or less per unit for your excess solar, they pay 40c for up to 300kWh every quarter and a great competitive rate thereafter.

* Go Full Electric and Disconnect your Gas *

The main change is people change to induction cooktops instead of using gas, changing your gas water heater to electric is after that

* Choose an EV over a ICE *

This one is a bit obvious

* Sustainable Housing *

When planning your home, think about the climate conditions in the area where you’re building. Climate-responsive design for new homes can cater for present and future predicted weather patterns like temperature, heat waves and rainfall variability. It can also minimise the impact from the urban heat island effect, where there is a high amount of hardened surfaces and little vegetation in the neighbouring area.