The Linux Internode Usage Meter (LIUM) is a free utility which allows you to monitor your download usage throughout the month.

Compatible with: Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04

// Download: HERE

Change Log:

v0.5.9 (7/12/14):

- Can now handle any errors the Internode server throws at it

v0.5.8 (19/5/14):
- Fixed crash on exit
- Fixed auth crash

v0.5.7 (9/12/13):
- Plan details!

v0.5.6 (29/10/13):
- LIUM automatically updates upon starting and once an hour thereafter
- Fixed version check

v0.5.5 (19/8/13):
- Fixed update crash
- Password now stored in keyring

v0.5.4 (10/8/13):
- Further optimisations
- Will check for program update on usage refresh
- Greater visibility for when program is refreshing

v0.5.3 (12/7/13):
- Fixed refresh button crash

v0.5.2 (31/5/13):
- Initial GUI release

LIUM v0.4.7 (CLI)

Compatible with: Any Debian based distro with at least Python3

// Download: HERE

Change Log:

v0.4.7 (20/10/13):

- It's back!
- Now compatible with a much larger range of distro's, particularly Debian 6
- Doesn't advise of update for GUI version on CLI version