4 months have blown by and every day is ending faster than the last, I started writing this post a week ago and I’m already falling asleep from another difficult day.

For the record the NBN congestion in the last post was fixed about 2 weeks later, so it wasn’t too bad considering there are people who are currently getting <1mbit due to copper line faults.

After studying on and off for over a year I got my RHCSA certificate, fairly happy with that one, quickly updated the RHCSA study guide page.

I’m now in the process of studying for my CCENT and CCNA, I’m fairly certain I’m going to go for the composite exam which is both at the same time.

Primary tool I’m using to study for it is http://www.subnetting.net/ but gns3 recently launched their GNS3 Academy which offered a whole ton of material for $15, which I’m happy to part with, the more information I have to drink down the quicker I’ll learn.

I’ve noticed that I’m incredibly inefficent at using the time I’m not at work well, it takes me a long time to snap out of work mode which means 5 days out of 7 I get nothing done but work or wasting time as I try to snap out of work, by the time I do it’s time to sleep. So I’ve got a pretty clear goal for the second half of 2015.

Random link of the day: https://www.fidelity.com/insights/retirement/how-to-retire-in-10-years