The Internode usage API server must put out 500 Internal Server Errors thousands of times a day, sometimes it takes 1 attempt to get the usage info, othertimes it can take 10 attempts, I’ve worked around the 500 internal server error problem by simply putting:

If 500 Internal Server Error > Request Usage Again

Unfortunately lately Internode has been giving me 404 Errors for some reason(?), and in turn LIUM was unsure what to do with such an error and subsequently crashed.

That was an easy fix, so 0.5.9 is out the door, around the same time Internode turned off SSL v3 support, this appears to have had no effect on the program.

As per usual I am still working on the program, I tend to program in large spurts all at once, for 12 hours at a time, over a weekend, and I haven’t had many weekends lately that have let me get to it.

The next version (0.6.0 Alpha) will move the program from being Unity Launcher based to Unity Indicator based, I’m also hoping that this will allow me to include a history tab as well, moving the program version quickly up from 0.5.x to 0.7.0 Alpha.

In the mean time I will continue to update with any issues that I see, and feel free to email me ( if you have any issues either!