Browsing around on the Ubuntu discourse came across this:

Announcing Ubuntu Pioneers

A free t-shirt! I suddenly became very interested in being an Ubuntu Touch developer!

The code looked familiar and reliatively not difficult, so I put out a plan to create a simple app that would:

1) Be able to read comment streams without strain or ugliness 2) Be able to watch a comment stream when the formula1 is on.

To be honest it was frustration almost at every turn, I’m not a rapper so after getting everything working initially I spent more time trying to handle JSON than anything else.

A massive thanks to:

Building an Ubuntu SDK App: rev 1


There isn’t an app store online yet so I can’t link you to it, but to be honest it’s nothing worth showing off.

This is release number 0.1, I will definitely improve it, it’s on my roadmap, and I hope to do this early next year.