It’s been a big week with the Ubuntu Forums (of which I’m a moderator) was hacked, so I’ve subsequently lost a website that I go to pretty much every day, continually clicking to go to the Ubuntu Forums and still seeing that maintance message is very unroutine.

Hopefully it comes back soon, with triple the password encryption and a promise to keep the forum software up to date.

There’s also this other little thing … the Ubuntu Edge. It feels as though the Ubuntu Forums being hacked has recieved almost as much attention as the Ubuntu Phone, but I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon by making a post about this anyway!

Two sites for tracking the funding status:

And as I type this it has just hit 6 million! Only 26 million more to go!

6 million funded!

I’m cautiously optimistic about the whole thing, but I’m happy to look over this post once the funding is complete to see if I was right.

Mark Shuttleworth has also just finished doing an AMA on Reddit here:

Hi, I’m Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu & Canonical.

Some choice quotes:


“Problem is you’re putting the Unity desktop on it, something most geeks/high-end users I know have abandoned for KDE4, Gnome3, etc.”


“I think you’ve been listening to all the wrong people if you think high-end users are not using Unity.”

“On balance I think most people do use Unity, they just get on with it. Check out which makes the good point that you mostly see Unity on Linux laptops at conferences.”


“Seriously, Mark, do you use Unity?”


“Every day. Yeah, it has warts. But it’s the best around for me, and for lots of other people, so use whatever suits you ;)”

goose2460: > “What are the plans for this project if the funding goal isn’t met?”

Mark_Shuttleworth: > “There is a filing cabinet somewhere… life goes on, and hopefully someone smarter than us will come up with a better concept that DOES get funded!”

Magnesus: > “What audio chip are you planning on using.”

Mark_Shuttleworth: > “We are looking for audiophile silicon”

RobinJ1995: > “There were some concerns raised about the specs saying the Edge would have (at least) 4GB of RAM, although currently 2GB is the maximum amount of RAM a device is able to use with an ARM processor. What are your thoughts about this?”

Mark_Shuttleworth: > “I’ve been told by the CTO of a very big mobile silicon manufacturer they could do it.”

Psykukumber: > “Mark, i’m Debian user (and Ubuntu too). What about providing Unity for Debian/Other Distributives? What is the situation with sending patches to upstream?”

Mark_Shuttleworth: > “Yeah, it’s total FUD that we make it hard for people to support Unity. It’s a fast-moving project, sure, but it’s always been hard to keep up with those, and the main reason for Unity not being on say Fedora or SUSE is imo political rather than technical.”