I believe I’m a minimalist as I enjoy simple minimal designs, however I’m frequently caught out that sometimes my design or product is not minimal because I’ve worked on making it as minimal as possible, but minimal because my program or design is incredibly simple, this then leads to another problem, it looks amature and unprofessional.

Wordpress has been a great platform and I recommend it for anyone who wants something simple and quick to setup, it does cover pretty much everything, and has been a treat to use, and after reading lots of other jekyll blogs it appears that wordpress is highly regarded, it’s good to see that we’ve got a variety of great options out there, and there’s no need for endless negativity about who is 1st and who is 2nd, I always wonder why people can’t just be happy with what they’ve chosen without disparaging other products/services.

With that said I now have to explain why I have decided to join the people who ‘blog like hackers’!

Wordpress has endless customisation, and the easy to install theme’s are fantastic, a lot of them have far more energy and skill in them than I could ever hope for, but despite not being a fantastic graphical artist or a brilliant jquery/javascript hacker there’s still something nice about creating your own website from scratch.

The “I’ve made this in my backyard feel” that I felt was missing from my site’s design, the other issue was that my content had little focus, and while I could have removed the archives and links and more from the site (which I did), it then feels empty and incomplete, I’m also kind of funny in that I prefer big large clear readable text over highly fashionable size 8 text, it turns out you can have both thanks to google fonts and is really quite easy to setup.

I was also wanting to move to ipv6 and enable SSL/HTTPS, to make my site completely encrypted and ipv6 compatible, turns out doing both is really easy, and have implemented them without trouble (as you may have noticed by the green https), in fact it was so easy it took me longer to create the ‘you are viewing this website using ipv4/ipv6’ script on the front page.

Other issues like the fact that I was hosting some really unncessary content (10MB gifs etc), it was difficult to adapt the wordpress theme’s I was on to my liking, a stronger focus on the content, making the site a lot faster etc, there are just a lot of tiny personal things that eventually made me look elsewhere.

The only other thing left is that looking at my visitor logs the phrase “I’m my biggest fan” rings true, so why not design a site that looks great to me?