I don’t like to post about politics much, because it’s usually all BS, but I unfortunately read this tweet by AJ while reading about a girl badly burned at soundwave:


How much debt we’ve been left in?

The problem with this is that it’s just propaganda and firmly not based in reality, here for AJ is the reality of the situation:


“Whether the government has a small surplus or a small deficit is not important for the rating.”

So the major economists and economic powerhouses of the world reckon our debt levels are ok, our unemployment is in an unbelievably fantastic situation compared to those hit hardest by the GFC, we’re slowly having our internets being upgraded to the fastest in the world, we’ve got our carbon being taxed in line with the rest of Europe and Asia, and our treasurer responded sensibly to dramatically lower tax revenue and has chosen not to blindly get a surplus by slashing public jobs and projects ala Campbell Newman, as if getting a surplus would suddenly make everything better, and yet Australians feel sad and even angry about our situation in the world? what?

I blame the liberal media.