So a few hours ago I was hoping to start my homework. For some strange reason Chrome crashed, think nothing of it. I open Spotify, press on Netsky's new album, and Unity froze. So I reboot and as I'm going through re-setting myself up to go again I realise that I actually can't stand this any more. - I don't like the fact linux will freeze on my randomly - I don't like that Unity will freeze on me randomly - I don't like that the Spotify icon is missing - I don't like that if I open FAH I have to keep the icon in my launcher because it can't minimise properly - I don't like my university uses Microsoft Office religiously, making it difficult to do anything. - I don't like my volume controller doesn't work on Ubuntu and the package designed to fix the problem doesn't install - I don't like occasionally the sound menu will crash and just not respond - I don't like youtubes crappy performance - I don't like the the in general bugginess of Ubuntu - I hate the fact that everything I struggle with on Ubuntu, has no problems in Windows. I'm still going to use Ubuntu on my laptop, (testing Ubuntu 12.10 as we speak) but for the moment I may be living in a windows world again. Update no.1: Well that didn't last long, was listening to some music in Spotify when it asked me to restart to get the new Spotify :D So I did, and by doing so managed to make what sounded like my sound card had crashed and was repeating the last slither of the song that was playing 1000x times a second, effectively killing my ear. So I'm off to the land of Mint to see what it tastes like.