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Not much to report at the moment as I’m living the life! A significant amount of money is going into paying off a large amount of debt, working 2:30-10:30pm at a job as an IT Helpdesk tech/monkey at a major ISP in Australia, studying for an IT degree at Uni, and trying to get a decent backup of our Debian ISPConfig3/email/website server going (which is taking longer than I thought), and when I’m not doing that I’m heavily distracted into various time wasters (eg arguing on forums over things like feminism).

The Uni course I’m doing currently finishes in a month, assuming the backup server is also up and running I may have some time to dedicate to LIUM again, and finally get that the GUI going, which appears to be coming up to nearly over a year spent trying to get it going:

One day my pretty… one day.