I wanted to install a jabber server, I thought it would be simple, turns out it was, I just learnt the hard way…

  1. Download .tar
  2. Extract .tar
  3. Compile jabber
  4. It won’t compile
  5. Fix compile issue
  6. Run Jabber
  7. It won’t start
  8. Woops! forgot to check config files
  9. Setup config files properly!
  10. Still won’t start
  11. Jiggle around in config files some more
  12. Fix issue!
  13. A new issue comes up!
  14. Despair at the fact it still won’t run
  15. Jiggle around in the config settings some more
  16. More issues!
  17. You now know the config files like the back of your hand 18. Still won’t run
  18. Run through logs, looking for the problem
  19. The logs are there, they say it just stops for no reason
  20. Google around vaguely trying to find anyone who has had the issue
  21. ~4 hours later~
  22.  Give up, ponder if 5 years worth of using linux has been for nothing
  • 1 week later -
  1. Discover Openfire
  2. Download patched .deb which uses openjdk6 instead of sunjava6 (here) (mirrored: here)
  3. Install .deb painlessly
  4. Amazing web GUI is amazing
  5. After a short guessing game over server settings empathy and pidgin both connect
  6. Amazing.