So 12.04 was released and I have at my disposal your typical seedbox, and being the bored geek I was I wanted to see just how fast I could upload and how much I could.

Turns out the seedbox max upload speed is 11MB/s which appears to have only lasted 2-3 hours before dying down.

This is how much I had uploaded for Ubuntu 11.10 and elementary OS over the course of the previous 2 months:


At this current moment I have uploaded 137GB of Ubuntu 12.04 AMD64 in 4 days vs Ubuntu 11.10 and ElementaryOS combined with 101GB over the previous 2 months.

In terms of raw speed:


Which continued for around 3 hours before dying down:


You can see the previous days efforts and it’s not as if I’ve only got 1-2 torrents on there, there’s 130 torrents in total, quite a few distro’s being seeded and it’s nothing compared to what happened on release day, I can only imagine the type of bandwidth must have been pumping out when it wasn’t down :P

![ubuntu website] (

I plan on seeding these for the next 5 years, and I’m slowly adding Xubuntu and Lubuntu on there as well :D

All in all was good fun, oh and ubuntu 12.04 is going quite swell :)