This is exactly the opposite of what linux is about, linux is fork or die! take someones software and make it better, make it worse, do what you want with it! Open Source baby!

Several points:

1) Gnome 3.4 is not on par with Mac OS X, this can be refuted by simply asking any apple fan.

2) You’re not trying to troll, but you then make several absurd points with highly emotional language, we call that trolling in my part of the world.

3) Fragmenting the linux userbase? This is hilarious given how fragmented linux is by nature, this is a good thing, choice is a good thing, but if we look at the desktop environment situation before Unity there was KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, Fluxbox, and that’s not including command line based window managers like awesome and icewm.

4) He claims the ‘linux brand’ has been tarnished by Unity, maybe he forgot that linux has no brand on the desktop, it’s a 1% market share failure.

5) He claims Ubuntu is getting slower and more useless every day, here’s a quick solution, try ubuntu 12.04…

6) I dare you to find one designer who thinks Gnome 3.4 is on par with Mac OS X :hah:

7) You don’t have a billion dollars

In other news, hardcore linux users discover there are other distro’s besides ubuntu that have horrible desktop environments.