So I finished the first unit of the IT degree I’m after and it didn’t really go well.

I seem to be able to read through stuff quickly, and can take in the big picture. (mcdonaldization is about speed/predictability/sameness in order to mass produce a product, ERD tables help establish relationships between objects and can be used to help plan out a database) but I fail to take in all the little things, like the specifics of what the author who first coined the term “disneyfication” meant by the word, or what six things help to create an ERD table.

So when the exam came around instead of getting a ‘fail’ I see myself getting a ‘you studied for weeks on end and failed to take in any of it, good job’.

So I’m not really happy with the end result, especially since it cost me a lot of money… but as per a certain song I listen to:

I’ve been taught to get the fuck up

To dust myself off, and to go it again