When it comes to hardware I’m quite particular, I don’t want to pay the most and I do want good value for money, but at the same time I want something that is going to last a long time and has an emphasis on quality over quantity, lately I’ve been focusing on the outside of my pc.

  • Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Essence STX

  • Headphones: Grado MS-2

  • Speakers: AudioEngine A5+

  • Mouse: Coolermaster CM Storm

  • Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Control

  • Keyboard: Ducky Shine 9008S

  • (Soon) Monitor: Dell 30”+

Just got my Ducky Shine 9008S the other day, mechanical keyboards are great however the most frustrating thing is the volume control.

I’ve gone from a logitech g15 v1 which had this awesome volume dial/knob, to the microsoft digital multimedia keyboard which had this with a + and - volume buttons in the top left, to a ducky shine which requires both the Fn key (which is in the middle right) held down at the same time as pressing the F2 or F3 key (which is in the top left), and you can’t hold the button down, have to press F2 or F3 every time for a certain % of the volume to go down or up,  this is a massive step backwards that actually bugs the crap out of me because I keep trying to do it with one hand (which I can’t do because my fingers aren’t long enough, but if I just stretch a little bit furtttheeerrr. nope still can’t do it… :/ ).

If audioengine had included this instead of the craptastic remote the problem wouldn’t be so bad, but when I’m switching between my headphones and speakers and listening to audio in different programs with different volume levels, for example in VLC music is loud as there’s no EQ, in Audacious music is soft as the EQ lowers the volume which can mean controlling volume is the difference between my ears bleeding and well… not bleeding… so I need a keyboard with a dial or at worst a quick one button press, really anything besides Fn + F2/F3.

And I think I just found the solution: The Griffin Powermate!

Ordered, will see how it goes, will write up on my experience with it on linux.