Ok so v0.4.4 is out the door, far far far later than I expected.

There are several reasons why this release is small but important, the main one being that the entire-fucking-program broke in December.

The issue was caused by the way the code works out what the previous month is. It works it out by taking the current month and taking 1 away from it. So if the current month is March, that is represented with a 3, minus 1 month = 2 = February. It all makes sense right and it works well :) Until the month is January, in which case 1 (January) - 1 (1 month) = 0 = not a month == program dies in a fire.

This took me a while to figure out, but once I fixed it that was done, however I couldn’t upload it because I was blocked by a program called Sparkleshare.

Sparkleshare appears to be the only alternative at the moment to using dropbox, as I want to host my cloud locally and share files locally between laptops and computers, I see no reason why I should be sending it all onto the intercloud instead of my server, but I wanted real time sync as well.

Sparkleshare delivers but uses git as a backend, which is what I use to sync my code with github. Not only did git get really unhappy but so did SSH. It took me a while but today I finally uninstalled sparkleshare, re-configured SSH and git and got everything uploaded and synced.

So LIUM now works again and I’m now waiting for another local desktop cloud sync. 2 that appear to be very awesome are:

Owncloud2 and Syncany

Owncloud2 doesn’t currently have a desktop sync and Syncany is still under heavy development, so I’ll just be sitting here waiting for them, in the mean time I should be able to put out a few new releases and make some more progress on the GUI version.