Is the discussion that follows whenever someone is after the ‘best’ one, because the truth is that they all suck, and you’re trying to find the one that sucks the least, and unfortunately there is no way of measuring this so you get long discussions like this:

Quote: Sainttom

AVG, Malwarebytes Pro, CCleaner is all you need.

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Previously we’ve dealt with trend wfbs, avg business, symantec endpoint and mcafee, and I prefer vipre over all.

For years during the peak of spyware and adware I didn’t have an anti-virus installed as I found them all to be useless, when I did have an anti-virus installed and thought it was the protector of my system, I was engaging in risky activity such as downloading programs and cracks and using Kazaa for my downloads.

Unfortunately malware would slip through the cracks, when I did get a piece of malware on my machine it was already to late, and cleaning it up became a great effort of finding and updating and using various anti-malware programs, hacking through the registry, hijack this logs and reading removal pages.

When I got a job removing malware I eventually ended up with 5-10 different programs under my belt, all of them with their own abilities to find and remove various pieces of malware, but I started to think, if cleaning up is such a big deal, why not work on not getting infected in the first place?

First thing I did was stopped using Internet Explorer and Kazaa, and switched to Opera browser, I also stopped downloading anything I found remotely risky, almost instantly I found the amount of malware infections I got went down to 0.

I then opted to use various different ‘online scanners’ like F-Secures or Trend Micro’s once every month or so, unfortunately none of them ever picked up anything, eventually after feeling limited by Microsoft I found Ubuntu 7.04, and have made quite a significant progress in regards to looking after servers, interestingly as I’m working on securing servers, anti-virus is again last place.

Anti-virus/malware is the absolute last line of defence, if you’ve got a malware infection within your network is equivalent to scoring a goal in football, the cleanup process involves simply taking the ball back to the middle of the ground, no matter how slowly or quickly you return the ball to the middle of the ground you can’t take away the fact that they’ve scored.

TL;DR: So in the end, go for the one that works best for you and if you’re not sure try them all.