A post was made on omgubuntu about the book here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/lure-community-approach/

Unfortunately, nobody funds the work on dpkg. RedHat pays 2 people for RPM but for dpkg there are only 2 benevolnt maintainers (and hundreds of bug reports in the backlog). Up to now my best sponsors that I earn each year cover between 1 and 2 months of my time.

So I ended up donating $100 for:

The book in paperback, the ebook, all further editions of the ebook in the next 5 years, you’re thanked nominally in the book, and the great feeling of having participated to the liberation of the book.

This reward contributes 35 EUR to the liberation fund (or more if you give more than 100 EUR).

Ended up being around AU$140, but based on the the table of contents:


It’s likely the book will be worth more than 10 ‘for dummies’ books combined!

So well worth the money to me, of course an amount donated is much appreciated mainly because I’d like to read it now without having to learn French! So if you’re interested please donate today! =)