I switched to ubuntu linux back around ubuntu 7.04, as like usual it took me years before I even got interested in helping with ubuntu and then years before I joined some ubuntu teams, with ubuntu 10.10 I’m in the same position I was years ago, it does almost everything I need it to do. almost everything.

The internode usage meter known as MUM isn’t available on linux, well you can use wine to run it but that feels like a hack, not good enough!

There are usage meters like Internode Usage Meter for Gnome but it’s just not the same, I’ve repeatedly heard that a lot of linux software is built when a developer finds the software isn’t available, so they write a program to fill that void, in essence scratch an itch, so this is what I’m doing. :)

“0.3.8” is the first release that I feel fairly happy about, it doesn’t have any glaring bugs and a fairly major security issue I had with the program is no longer sitting in the back of my mind because it’s fixed >.>

With that said this is not a major release at all, I’m now just refining the cli experience while I start on the GUI, all the while feeling committed to jumping on the “chrome rapid release” dev style.

Anyways if you have linux and an internode account I hope you try LIUM!

Can find out more here: http://ikt.id.au/lium/

I welcome all feedback :)