• Ubuntu 11.04 doesn’t work for me, and isn’t as customisable as I’d like.
  • I’m now suddenly interested in many other disto’s includes Arch, Crunchbang, Debian among others

Linux usage meter for internode:

Still working on LIUM 0.4.0, some highlights:

  • Username and password is in 0.3.5 saved in plain text, which is insecure, in 0.3.7 I’ve got it saving as base64 format which is human unreadable to anyone who happens to come across the user/pass file.
  • However if they happened to be determined this is fairly easy to decrypt, so I’m going to make it sha512, ie more secure.
  • Fixed another major bug with time and days remaining.
  • Fixed a lot of duplicate code.
  • I realised that with the previous security issue it’s fairly important people are made aware of updates, so there will be an automatic update checker.