More Conventional Naming Conventions

Fortunately, as marketing manager Gerry Carr explained on the Canonical blog, the release of Ubuntu 11.04 in April promises to make life simpler by forging all of the desktop/laptop/netbook/phone-targeted builds of Ubuntu into one product, branded simply as “Ubuntu 11.04.” This change doesn’t solve some of the deeper branding ambiguities which Ubuntu community members have pointed out, and the new title might not be as objectively cool as the names of other open source applications, but it’s certainly easier to remember than the branding on which Ubuntu currently relies. Server users, meanwhile, will be directed to “Ubuntu Server 11.04.” And by all indications, the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud images will be maintained as they currently exist, but since these have never quite been treated as a distinct product as much as a particular build of Ubuntu Server Edition, don’t expect to see rebranding here.
There has been a lot of discussion and debate around the difference between Ubuntu netbook edition and Ubuntu Desktop edition, I ran into a post on the whirlpool forums not long ago, so it will be good to see the choices refined, after all the unity interface looks like it could be used on either a netbook or a desktop, which I think was the goal :)