This sounds interesting:

How will it work?

One of the good things about this program is that you, as testers, will be able to know every time what to test, you will be able to check the new features before anybody else, and you will gain experience on the Ubuntu development process.

Also, there will be a mailing list to share your experiences, bugs and to have direct feedback from the developers.

How can I participate?

Start by joining the Launchpad team and subscribe to the mailing list.

Introduce yourself in the mailing list, tell us about you and what applications are you mostly interested in. Create an account in the tracker (if you already have an account at it will work as well).

Forum thread:
Wiki page:
Internode ubuntu mirror:

Going to start testing a bit more intensely before the 10.10 beta, hopefully can use iso’s off the internode mirror, see no reason why not.