Oh VLC I hardly knew ye, on windows you were my player for everything that didn’t play in winamp, on linux you became my primary media player because you played everything by default.

I’m playing an old avi file xvid mp4 + mp3 audio and every now and then you stutter.

This would not be an issue except for the fact I’m playing to listen to the audio, so now your half a second stutter every 2 minutes is more annoying than bits of orange in my bits free orange juice.

With a core2duo, 4gb of ram and an ssd drive which can boot in under 20 seconds I shouldn’t have simple issues like these, as such I will no longer rely on you as my primary media player.

Songbird is disappointing, not because it was some awesome media player, but because it’s one less player in a very empty playing field.

So who’s left:



Totem is stuttering worse than vlc at certain parts of the video so I’m left with mplayer…